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Lashes & Skin Care

Lash Extensions Care


Appointment Prep

  • Please arrive with freshly thoroughly washed, clean, makeup free eyes or arrive 10-15 minutes early to properly wash makeup/skin oils off  (your extensions will hold better)
  • Before a full set please do not wear Benefit or waterproof mascara for 3 days prior to your appointment
  • To qualify for a fill you must have a minimum of 50% of your extensions left, if you have less than 50% you will need to schedule a full set so please book accordingly.
  • The average person sheds 2-5 lashes per eye a day, fills should be scheduled every 2-3 weeks to apply to new growth and remove/reapply to grown out lashes. 
  • Do not drink caffeine before your appointment (causes your eyes to flutter)

Lash Extensions Do's

  • Wash your eyelash extensions daily with your prescribed cleanser 
  • Deep cleanse lashes before every lash appointment
  • Brush your lash extensions to keep them groomed and tangle free 
  • Apply a light coat of sealant daily and before swimming, workouts or hot yoga (not on Volume Lashes)
  • Always rinse lashes after swimming to remove salt water/chlorine
  • Use a silk pillow case and/or bubbled sleep eye mask
  • Blow dry lashes on low/cool after shower or swimming (Volume Lashes)

Lash Extensions Do NOTs

  • Rub, tug, or pull on your lash extensions
  • Run your lashes directly under shower head or under water for long periods of time
  • Sleep on your lash extensions or grind them into your pillow
  • Use any products containing wax or oil on or around your lashes (ideally use a dark eyeshadow along lash line vs regular liner; no Benefit mascara or liner, felt tipped liners seem to be the safest liquid, always test makeup on your hand before applying)
  • Wear regular or waterproof mascara
  • Attempt to remove them on your own (you will pull out your natural lashes)
  • Fills are meant to maintain your lash volume, do not wait until your lashes look sparse or you will need and be charged for a full set

Washing Your Lash Extensions

  • Using your prescribed lash wash gently cleanse your lashes, making sure you clean along your lash line and undersides as well, keeping your eyes closed
  • You may use your fingers or a cleansing/clean eyeshadow brush to do this
  • Rinse your lashes with warm water and pat dry. No rubbing or wiping!
  • Optiona: Gently squeeze saline solution on your clean lashes and pat dry, this will help balance the PH levels of your natural lashes so your glue holds longer
  • Classic Lashes apply Sealant

Keratin Lash Lift

YUMI Lashes

Before Your Appointment

  • Do not use an eyelash curler or wear waterproof mascara for 3-5 days before your appointment 
  • Arrive with freshly washed, makeup free eyes (no residues) 
  • Do any activities, such as washing your hair, before your appointment as you can not get your lashes wet for 48 hours after your treatment (showering is fine as long as your eyes stay dry)

After your Lash Lift

  • Do NOT get your lashes wet for 48 hours after your treatment, the products are still processing and water will cause the Lift not to fully set
  • Use your Keratin Mascara 1-2 times daily to help hydrate, nourish and maintain your lashes, you can wear normal mascara over this if you desire
  • The first 24 hours avoid heat such as steam, saunas, or cooking over a hot stove 
  • As your lashes are still malleable, sleeping on your back is the best position to avoid the lashes dropping on either side. You should also be careful when taking clothes on and off over your head, avoiding any contact with the lashes that first 48 hour period, this includes rubbing your eyes
  • Keratin lash lifts last up to three months, so usually for the entire lifecycle of the eyelashes. Clients can come in for a top up to restore the long-lash effects
  • Please not that lash serums, biotin, and/or medication(s) can affect the lash cycle, resulting in quicker lash shedding

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